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About & Fees

First steps

If you are unsure whether counselling is for you and wish to find out more then I can call you at a convenient time for a quick assessment free of charge.  This is an opportunity for us to to talk about what the problem is and to explore if I have adequate experience in the area you need help with. At the end of the session, we decide whether to work together or not, there is no obligation to continue if you don’t want to.  After this initial assessment, you attend, generally speaking, for an hour once a week.

How it works

We sit in a relaxed, confidential, safe and comfortable room together and talk and explore; it’s as simple as that.  You are in control of what areas you want to talk about and explore.  Sometimes it is painful and difficult but at others it’s liberating, enlightening and life-changing!  Honesty, transparency and open-ness between the client and therapist are vital ingredients to its success.  My experience and skill will help us to shed light on unhelpful and helpful behaviour patterns and find ways together to negotiate a clear path.  Through the counselling, your self-awareness will grow and develop and empower you to move forward with your life.  The quality of the relationship between therapist and client is absolutely vital and key to the success of the process and experience.

Counselling is not a quick fix nor, unfortunately, a magic wand!  Counselling is not about giving advice.  The counsellor encourages you to dig deep inside yourself to find the solution to your own problems.  You know what is best for you ultimately.  The counsellor might offer a different perspective on the problem, or way of looking at it, but the choice to act or not act, change or not change, is entirely your own.

Positive change

You have taken the first and most difficult step in recognising that you need help. My aim is to help you identify the choices for change, feel supported during the process of change and help you to reach a point where you are better equipped to cope with the future.


1hr Session - Individual £30
(concessions available where applicable

1hr Session - Couples £45

Please contact me either by phone, facebook or the contact form on this website if there is anything at all you wish to discuss prior to attending your initial assessment. I will be happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns.
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